How to Pull off a Winter Monochromatic Look

Winter looks do not have to be gloomy and boring. You can have a chic, elegant, and well put-together look without compromising comfort. Monochromes have a way of giving off a polished and clean look, making Winter fashion effortlessly classy. Here’s our take on how you can stay warm and look amazing this Winter.

  1. Start with the shoes

A good pair of shoes is the key piece to any look. Our cream and black Olivia flats can give a glamorous clean finish to your look without compromising comfort. Plan your outfit around your shoes, try and be very practical when it comes to this. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can shift the focus off your beautiful outfit.


  1. Find balance

Think about the cut of your clothing items. For example, if your top is structured, pair it with a more flowy bottom, or if your bottoms are tight, pair them with a loose top to create a balanced look that is not harsh on the eye. Also look for textures that complement each other. A top and bottoms that are the same tone but different textures can give your look dimension. For example, a lacey blouse with a silky A-Line skirt or a cashmere trench coat with a satin blouse underneath.

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  1. Experiment with shades

Monochrome does not necessarily imply one colour from top to bottom. Play with different shades from the same colour group. For example, a clean tight white turtleneck with cream white palazzo bottoms or white ensemble with a cream jacket. 

  1. Accessorise

This is not a must, but accessories can elevate your look and give an edgy finish to it. For example, pair the look with a statement clutch or saddle bag that complements and highlights your look. Make sure you add accessories in the end. This gives you a great idea of what works and what doesn’t.  


  1. Personalise your look

Polish up your look by customising it to your style. Think of ways you can enhance your look.  For example, roll up your sleeves or add a belt, this can make your outfit look like it is tailored to fit your body. 


Remember to have fun with your looks and don’t be too hard on yourself. When it comes to our range of footwear, think comfort but make it fashion! Get in touch with us through our socials and show us how you are making you are making your Winter looks fashionable.

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